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Apple Arcade – What you need to know

05 September 2019

In this article I will talk about the newest addition to the gaming community by Apple. Apple Arcade.

Apple is releasing the new streaming subscription system in the Fall. It will feature a lot of new games from the most innovative game developers around to provide things that we have never seen before and, according to Apple, to release the “Games of your dreams”. 

Image Credit: Apple


Well, I would be absolutely lying if I said I wasn’t excited about it! Can you imagine how many new games will be available at the palm of your hands? For just a monthly subscription fee. I believe this is the future of gaming.

Subscribing to Apple Arcade will allow you to play the games on all of your favourite Apple devices, including your iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple TV.

Some of the titles announced include Where Cards Fall , The Pathless , Lego Brawls , Hot Lava , Oceanhorn 2: Knights of the lost realm , Beyond a Steel Sky and many more. If you want to know more about games and when Apple Arcade will be available be sure to sign up to the newsletter directly on Apple’s website, you can do that by clicking right HERE.

Apparently Apple is spending a lot of money on this service, according to some reports, the investment will be as high as 500 million dollars! That’s a real crazy number to think about!

Other companies are coming up with streaming services, like Google Stadia and Microsoft Mixer. If such giants of gaming are getting into it, it means something, and it means the future of gaming is in cloud gaming.


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