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Cloud Gaming news: Amazon is on the verge of something big!

12 December 2019

hey hey hey my dear gaming loving friends! Hope you are well and happy playing your favourite game! I have been busy producing videos and exploring the fantastic world of Virtual Reality… lots of cool news will come soon! And also some very cool videos to look out for on my You Tube channel 😉

In today’s article I want to tell you more about Amazon’s move into cloud gaming and the way it will integrate with Twitch! Sounds really exciting and I can’t wait to see it in action… but what are we waiting for?! Let us dive right in!

You have heard me scream about cloud gaming for a while now. From Google Stadia, to Apple Arcade to Microsoft X Cloud, the battle to dominating the cloud gaming era is open! According to rumours, Amazon has also been working on a cloud gaming project, that might be released next year.

Amazon has been experimenting with cloud gaming before, creating some cool little games that could run on a tablet!

Check out a short trailer of the project here below:


I think once Amazon gets into the space, it will raise the bar very high, especially thanks to the Twitch connection. Obviously they have been in the gaming space successfully for a while now and they know how to make it work!

Can’t wait to see what Amazon has in stock for all of us!

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