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Dr Mario World – The latest Mario game release by Nintendo

07 August 2019

In this blog post I want to discuss this wonderful new Super Mario release by Nintendo.


If you have been following me at all, or my channel/blog you know that I am an avid Super Mario fan (obviously just ALMOST as much as Pac Man 🙂 ) .

Super Mario in PacMan maze

This means that when I read the news that Dr. Mario World was coming out for both iOS and Android I immediately got very excited to see what Nintendo had in place for us.

Dr Mario World is a puzzle game based on the game that Nintendo created many years ago for NES ( the famous Nintendo Entertainment System ) and Game Boy which they also re made many times over the decades for other Nintendo consoles.

In the game you are taking the role of Dr. Mario ( or one of his esteemed colleagues like Bowser, Luigi and Peach with their little assistants which include Goombas and Koopa Troopas among others ) in order to defeat bad viruses.


Each character has different abilities that will help you defeat the viruses, and Nintendo has also announced that it will add more and more characters overtime, sounds really exciting!

Another cool feature that is available is the Multiplayer mode. In which you can either fight your friends, or work together to defeat more and more viruses. I can’t wait to get my hands on this!

As I mentioned before, you can get the app for free on both iOS and Android. Check out more info on Nintendo’s site HERE.


You can also have a look at the trailer for the game on Nintendo’s YouTube channel HERE.

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