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Fortnite World Cup : Largest prize stake of any eSports event

12 August 2019

In this article I am going to tell you about the insane prizes that were handed out at the Fortnite World Cup.

Get ready for some game changing ( pun intended! ) prizes!


The Fortnite World Cup Finals, which took place from July 26th till July 28th in New York at the Arthur Ashe Stadium, was the end of a very long 10-week qualifying round. 100 Qualifiers managed to get to the finals and a very cool 30 million dollars prize was up for grab. Most of the qualifiers were under 20 years old, with the vast majority between 12 and 16.

Fortnite has become the most popular game in the world since its launch in 2017, counting more than 250 million players worldwide. It’s easy to see how they are able to afford such a conspicuous prize, after amassing more than 1 billion dollars in revenue.

Even though many people say that Fortnite’s popularity has reached its peak, an amazing 2 million people have watched the final online, which says a lot about what the game still has to offer for the future.


I can’t wait to see where the future of online gaming is going!


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