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MediEvil Remake – What to expect

03 July 2019

MediEvil Remake is coming back in 2019!!! And the kid inside me is REALLY excited about it.

According to some articles I read online, Sony’s revamped MediEvil will burst through the soil and onto your PlayStation 4 this Halloween – specifically, on Friday 25th October. Still a long time to go, but it’s good to have something to be looking forward to!

I bet many of you, just like me, are looking forward to take the shape of knight Sir Daniel Fortesque and kick the hell out of the bad guys!


If for some reason you are among the 4 people who haven’t heard about MediEvil Remake, you can watch the official trailer right HERE. 

Let’s dive a bit into the story of the amazing game. According to other sources, released back in 1998, MediEvil was a hack and slash game that used the PS1 processing power to give us “Stunning 3D visuals”. You play the reanimated corpse of the long-dead Sir Daniel Fortesque, brought back to life accidentally by an evil sorcerer trying to take over the world of Gallowsmere. You defeated the evil sorcerer once and you set out to do it again.


Like the original, MediEvil is a hack-and-slash-style game that’s likely to only be single-player. The basic structure of the game is you move from area to area clearing out all the monsters you can with an assortment of weapons. Each weapon has its own set of animations as well power moves that will cause more damage.

MediEvil also has a nice amount of puzzles and traps for you to navigate to break up the endless waves of monsters, and all of these will be recreated in glorious 4K for this remake.

MediEvil will be available exclusively on PlayStation 4 on October 25, 2019. There is currently a pre-order available digitally on the PlayStation store and we have seen box art. Box art suggests a physical release for those of us who like to collect discs. Of course, digital copies are convenient but having a disc release in this day and age is always cool.

Really looking forward to lay my hands on this piece of history of Sony and PlayStation. Really can’t wait!


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Looking forward to hearing from you and happy gaming! Waka Waka!