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Minecraft Earth – The augmented reality answer to Nintendo’s Pokemon Go

22 May 2019

Minecraft Earth is the new augmented reality version of the famous building game coming later this year.

Augmented reality games allow players to bring real and virtual worlds together. We have experienced this before thanks to Nintendo’s Pokemon Go, where the player is able to interact with Pokemons populating the streets through which you walk.

The gaming world may seem like it’s ruled by Fortnite, but Minecraft continues to be a phenomenon. In the 10 years since the very first Java edition went public, it’s sold 176 million copies. More than 90 million people play it every month, and that number has gone up every year, boosted most recently by 200 million Chinese users. Between PCs, game consoles, mobile, and VR devices, you can buy it for 20 different platforms. Videos of people playing the open-ended sandbox game still get tens of billions of views every year on YouTube.


The concept is very similar to the current Minecraft games, you can basically build whatever your creativity allows you and then share it with other people. Once you’re done building, you can scale your build up to life-size, put it anywhere you want, and invite people to enjoy it in Play mode. It all looks exactly like Minecraft, and it all behaves exactly like Minecraft. “Everything you know about Minecraft applies here,” says Jesse Merriam, the game’s executive producer. “With redstone and pistons, you can make anything your heart desires.”


The premises for this game to be one of the best games we have ever seen is really high! I am hoping to lay my hands on it as soon as it comes out later in the summer 2019. Looking forward!!

To learn more you can visit the official site here: https://www.minecraft.net/en-us/earth

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