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Pac Man in Angry Birds world! – Original Animation

06 December 2023

Hey Hey! Hello Gaming friends from all over the world! It’s a real pleasure having you here!


In today’s article I want to present you with one of the first videos I created in my YouTube channel. It features Pac Man (for who doesn’t know, Pac Man is my ABSOLUTE favourite gaming character!) and the cute birds of Angry Birds.

Let’s not waste anymore time and let’s dive right into the action! Here’s the video for you to watch, hope you enojy it!

Angry Birds has been one of the most downloaded games for iPhone, and obviously I have been playing it since when it came out a few years ago. I have always loved the concept of destroying things in games and Angry Birds really managed to capture the spirit that I like about this type of game. On this video we see our friendly birds trying to destroy a castle featuring a bad green boss. They keep trying their best but it’s not quite enough… until another yellow friend comes over to help. Pac Man jumps in on the big sling and flies in the sky like a bird (pun intended!). Will our yellow friend manage to help the Angry Birds destroy the bad boss? You’ll only discover it by watching the video!

I hope you enjoyed this article and the video on my YouTube channel. Let me know your thoughts in the comment section, I read as many comments as possible on all my videos and I love seeing what you all like. It inspired me for future videos!

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Looking forward to hearing from you and happy gaming! Waka Waka!