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Pac Man, Mario and Bowsette – Original Video

18 September 2019

In this article I want to present you one of the videos that feature some of my favourite characters. Pac Man (of course, by now you should know that this is my absolute favourite!), Mario, Bowser and… Bowsette! In case you don’t know who Bowsette is, then you are in for a real treat!!!

This video start with Super Mario running towards the end of Bowser castle, where he finally finds Peach, who unfortunately wants to run away with our yellow super hero Pac Man.

Bowser, seeing that Mario is really sad, decides to help him get better…but you will only discover how by watching the video. Let’s just say that it will leave both Pac Man and Peach completely and utterly speechless!

Let’s watch the video! Here it is:

This was a really fun video to produce and I love mixing up my favourite gaming heroes. I really hope you enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed animating it! Which one is your favourite hero? Who should I feature in my next videos? Let me know, I want to know!

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