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PacMan and Pikachu against MewTwo

17 June 2019

In this video PacMan and Pikachu teamed up in order to defeat that bad boy of a Pokemon that is MewTwo.

It’s not a secret that MewTwo is a very powerful pokemon with psychic powers, which makes it hard for our yellow hero PacMan to fight him on his own. Obviously, since PacMan just eats things for a living!

The animation starts in the glorious PacMan labyrinth where PacMan meets a variety of other pokemon while casually strolling around in search for something yummie to eat. Among his encounters he finds a Magneton, a cute Snorlax (obviously fast asleep), a Dugtrio and a Charizard with Pikachu on its shoulder.

Soon after MewTwo appears and makes all the pokemon run away in fear, apart from Charizard and Pikachu, and our super hero PacMan obviously. All of a sudden MewTwo teleports our heroes into a Pokemon stadium, which gets them ready to fight for their survival! Our 3 heroes join forces with a Psyduck, Jigglypuff and a Blastoise in a fight to the death with MewTwo.

Obviously MewTwo possesses the power of teleportation, which allows him to easily dodge most of the attacks that our heroes throw at him but it’s not the end. Psyduck starts distracting MewTwo and PacMan takes the lead by biting MewTwo’s arm, all while Pikachu throw the most powerful electric shock and manages to win over MewTwo!


Once again the good triumphed over the evil and the world is safe from possible annihilation, thanks to our great superheroes! May the good always win!


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