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PacMan in Luigi’s Mansion 3 – Original Animation

01 November 2019

Hey hey hey my gaming friends! Hope you are enjoying this spooky day after halloween! In this video I will tell you all about my latest video featuring PacMan in Luigi’s Mansion, the newest game by Nintendo that came out yesterday! What are we waiting for? Let’s dive right in!

Luigi’s Mansion newest chapter came out yesterday, on Halloween (of course!). And I wanted to make a tribute to one of the best characters in the Super Mario franchise: Luigi!


Obviously I couldn’t help myself and added also my favourite of all time, Pac Man, in the video.

In the video Luigi is getting ready to get into the mansion, where he starts walking around scared to see ghosts…and suddenly…. a huge ghost appears! But our friend Pac Man comes to the rescue hitting the ghost and helping Luigi make a quick escape to a green pipe that brings them all to the Pac Man labyrinth.

The ghosts follow our heroes to the labyrinth and a very tough chase starts between our heroes and the scary ghosts! Will our heroes survive the run? You’ll only discover it by watching the video!


Click HERE to watch the video! 


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