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PacMan Pixel – Golden PacMan vs Red PacMan – Original Animation

02 March 2020

In this article I want to share with you one of my favourite videos that I produced lately! It features a lot of different kinds of Pac Mans and I am sure you will love it as much as I loved creating it! Let’s dive right in! You can watch the video right below here:


I am really excited about you watching this video because it was a very interesting job to mix the 3D world with the pixel / 2D world! Obviously if you are a PacMan fan you know that our fellow yellow hero was born as a 2D platform game, so it’s really interesting trying to showcase the pixelated version in a 3D environment.

The video starts with 3D Pac Man escaping from a 3D pixelated version of PacMan (confusing, I know!) until a red dot appears in the labyrinth, making our 3D PacMan become bigger and red! This makes the pixelated version of our hero scared, and starts running away from the angry red version. Suddenly a GOLDEN dot appears and gets eaten by the pixel PacMan…what will happen next? You will discover it only by watching the video!

Which PacMan was your favourite? The Pixel Pac Man? The Red Pac Man? Or maybe the original 3D Pac Man? Let me know in the comments!

Have you enjoyed this article and my YouTube video? Please leave a comment and let me know your thoughts, I read them all! If you did enjoy the video, please share it with a fellow Pac Man enthusiast! It would mean a lot to me 🙂

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