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PacMan vs Avengers Engame

01 May 2019


Have you ever wondered what would happen to PacMan if he had to fight against the Marvel Avengers and Thanos? Who do you think would win?


In this video, that you can find on my YouTube channel along with many other PacMan videos, you will be able to see how it unfolds.


The Avengers’ world has been a mess after Thanos wiped out half the universe’s population with the click of his fingers, but PacMan didn’t want to stand still and let this happen.



The video starts with Thanos challenging our favourite super hero PacMan, who dives into the famous labyrinth where he starts running after Iron Man. Tony Stark is obviously scared of our hero and keeps flying fast, until he encouters a dead end that forces him to face PacMan full force…and it doesn’t end well for Iron Man!


PacMan has now become a fusion of powers between Iron Man and the “magic dot”. Will Thanos be scared and run away?



The battle starts. Thanos is scared and starts running away from PacMan trying to lose him, but our super hero knows the labyrinth better than the villain. At last Thanos reaches a dead end and is forced to face Iron PacMan…. how will it end? You will only discover it by watching the video!!


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