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PacMan vs Sonic The Hedgehog – Original video

16 September 2019

In this article I want to present you one of my latest videos. I really enjoyed creating this video as it is part of a series of videos featuring some of my favourite characters like Sonic, Pac Man and many others.

In the video we can see Pac Man following Sonic in a Sonic-style Pac Man maze. Sonic, as we all know is a very fast runner, so Pac Man is struggling a bit to keep his pace. At some point Pac Man sees a wonderful Paint Machine and decides to go through it, coming out all coloured!

With a quick jump, both Sonic and Pac Man fly through a warp zone that teleport our heroes into Sonic’s 3D world where we see an evil Dr. Eggman mistaking Blue Pac Man for Sonic… will our favourite yellow (but now blue) hero survive? You will only discover it by watching the video!

Here you can watch the video, Let’s see:


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