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PacMan vs Wreck it Ralph – Original Animated video

11 September 2019

hey hey hey! My gaming friends, welcome back to my blog, a place where we talk about gaming and animation.

In today’s article I want to present you with a cool video project I prepared for the release of the animated movie Wreck it Ralph Breaks the Internet. I am passionate about everything that involves animation and gaming, so as you might know, being Pac Man my favourite video game character ever, I decided to create a video featuring Wreck it Ralph and Pac Man. Let’s not waste a minute more and let’s dive right in! You can watch the video below:

This video, features a fight between Pac Man and Ralph, who finds himself in the Pac Man labyrinth where he finds an apple, that clearly Pac Man really wants to eat. They start fighting each other for the possession of the apple and Ralph manages to break through different gaming worlds! He is really strong!! It seems like he can break through walls with no effort! Will Pac Man be able to get to the apple and eat it? You will only discover it by watching the video on my YouTube channel!

I hope you enjoyed this video featuring Pac Man and Wreck it Ralph Breaks the Internet. It was a fun project and I can’t wait to share more and more with you all! What would you like to see next? Write me in the comment section, I always get inspired when I read all your comments! If you liked the video, please share it with a fellow animation fan!

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Looking forward to hearing from you and happy gaming! Waka Waka!