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Pokemon Sword and Shield – News on the horizon

14 August 2019

In this article I want to tell you more about the latest news from Nintendo in their latest trailer of Pokemon Sword and Shield.

It looks really exciting, revealing a lot of new Pokemon forms for Weezing, Zigagoon, Linoone and new evolution Obstagoon, as well as form-changing new Pokemon Morpeko. You can see the wonderful trailer for the Nintendo Switch game coming out on November 15th right HERE.


This new trailer reveals new Pokemon, the newest Galarian forms for the classic Pokemon and also shows us our opponents. We can also see the newest Morpeko ( in the picture above ). A form changing creature that reminds me a bit of the very cute yellow Pikachu. The trailer doesn’t reveal much about the gameplay but surely looks like a very engaging game full of surprises!


I have always loved Pokemon, and I have made many videos featuring our cute friends on my YouTube channel, the latest one was Pikachu vs MewTwo, which featured also my favourite gaming character Pac Man.

You should also go and see Detective Pikachu if you haven’t. I saw it when I was in London a few months ago, and it was really well done!

Since I like Pikachu very much, here’s a picture of a HUGE Pikachu. 😉


In conclusion, I can’t wait to see what Pokemon Sword and Shiel have in place for us Pokemon lovers. I will make sure to get the game on the day it comes out. What is your favourite Pokemon game? I remember Pokemon Red and Blue for Game Boy Color… yes I am that old!


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