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Roblox surpasses Minecraft in usage – 100 million active users!

20 August 2019

In this blog article we will talk about how Roblox has finally surpassed the historic game Minecraft in active users! Roblox has indeed reached 100 million active users!


Obviously this is an amazing news for Roblox and its incredible fans and users, but we know that Minecraft has recently had a bit of a surge recently as some famous Youtubers such as PewDiePie started playing and streaming it again!

In a recent press release, CEO and Founder of Roblox David Baszuki said : “We started Roblox over a decade ago with a vision to bring people from all over the world together through play, Roblox began with just 100 players and a handful of creators who inspired one another, unlocking this groundswell of creativity, collaboration, and imagination that continues to grow.”

Roblox allows each player to customize their characters and avatars, and nearly 50% of the users update their avatar EVERY MONTH. This is quite an interesting fact!

Roblox’s vision is to bring the world together through play. Every month, more than 100 million people around the world have fun with friends as they explore millions of immersive digital experiences. All of these experiences are built by the Roblox community, made up of over two million creators.

Despite Roblox’s success, we are still waiting to see what’s going to happen when Minecraft releases the recently announced augmented reality game Minecraft Earth, which sets up to be Pokemon Go’s number 1 competitor. (Read more about it HERE. )

Until that moment, Roblox is on top!


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