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The Sims surpasses $5 BILLION in Lifetime Sales!

11 November 2019

Hello dear gaming aficionados! Hope your day is going well and you are excited to hear about the latest news in the gaming world! Today we talk about The Sims. Let’s dive right in!

I remember first playing The Sims on my old Windows computer many years ago. It was called SimCity when I was younger, and it was one of my favourite games. Since then the game has evolved incredibly and it has managed to keep attracting audiences of all shapes and sizes, and not just any kind of audience, but a PAYING audience!

In fact, in the last earning reports it was announced that The Sims franchise has officially surpassed the 5 billion dollars sales since the first release! It is a pretty amazing results for any company, let alone a gaming company! Congratulations to our friends at EA and I wish them to keep making amazing games that we can all enjoy for a very long time.


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